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We challange you....

to a 21 day Quarantine Metamorphosis


     As the world seems to be falling apart in complete maddness, we encourage you to evolve with us.  Due to the Corona virus shutting down our normal day lives, it provides us with the opportunity to crawl into the Secret Society Cocoon and prepare to come out of this more magical than ever.  


How does it work?

Day 1-   Book a consultation and "before" photo. 


During your consultation you will discover the latest cutting edge beauty technologies we have to offer.  We offer things like plasma fibro-blasting (to tighten and resurface mature skin) and micro-blading  (a semi permanent eyebrow tattoo of the individual hairs).  These kind of procedures are the best to start with so you have healing time alone at home while quarantining. 

We will come up with a game plan for your 21 day time line to get your looking your best while you have this time to yourself.   

Order a sexy bad-ass outfit online.  It may take a while to come. 

Book your Hair, Makeup and  Boudoir Session for Day 21. 

During your 21 day challenge-

We encourage you to the do following:

-Look at yourself every morning when you wake up and tell yourself "I am beautiful."

-Drink at least 5 glasses of water a day.

-Walk 30 minutes a day.

-Do 5 squats and 10 sit ups daily.

-Avoid foods high in sugar and carbs.

-Tan in your back yard for 20 minutes every other day.  (Or call Sunny Kisses Salon)

-Finish the evening with some guided mediation/self love (Look on youtube or spotify) 


Day 16- See Jessica at Strange Love to get your hair dyed and cut. 

Day19- First Fullset of Eyelash Extensions with Tami Jo Lashes & Co. 

Day 20- Get your hair blown out (Strange Love), your makeup done (Tami Jo Lashes) and your boudoir session captured (at Studio One to One Boutique).

Day 21- Return to view your Photo Session.  Pick out a photo you would love to share as your "After" to be posted into our Metamorphosis contest.  A variety of portrait products are available for purchase as well.

By the time life starts going back to normal we hope that you are empowered and ready to take the world on again, as an amazing Femme Fatale! 

You got this girl!  Spread your wings.

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